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Friday, Apr 18,2014


Every person has a story and a voice worth listening to

What are your days like now that you’re on break from filming ‘Boss’? I’m in the middle of domestic bliss. I organize the garage, run menial errands around the house — just try to keep my sanity, basically. Bottom line is I’m so anxious to start working again. Although, it is nerve-racking knowing only the [...]

“Know the rule well so you can break them effectively!” –Dalai Lama XIV

In terms of dealing with lifes obstacles and challenges: Nothing makes you jump like hurdles.

Genuine leadership is a responsibility onto others and not a fairground of private exceptionalism.

Creatively, there is no right or wrong way of doing things. If I can evoke an emotion from my audience then I’ve done my job.

“I still, to this day, have no idea what the exact catalyst was to making this film. I had this idea: I wanted to share what I learned from reading Joseph Campbell with a large audience. I thought and I thought and I thought… then at some point the idea had me and I couldn’t [...]