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Thursday, Apr 17,2014


Fashion Stylist London Tomorrow is another day

  “Be Mighty” something my father has said to me since I was a little thing. I have it tattooed on my inner left wrist.

I don’t think I’m eloquent enough to have my own quote yet;-)

Follow your heart…”volg je hart”

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hmmm… quotes…. Here’s me changing a quote from the Dalai Lama: “Be nice whenever possible.  It’s always possible” he uses kind, where I use nice, pretty much the same message!

I am inspired by the idea of creating. I felt the need to work on pieces of jewelry that had a strong conceptual idea.  The jewelry field in commercial diamond industry was shallow and uninteresting from the conceptual point of view.  I want to express part of my life, or the life of others.

What keeps us going and inspired is that we both just try to have fun and make the best of every situation we’re put in – believe it or not, this makes things run a lot smoother! we want to have fun doing what we love, and we want the people we work with to [...]